Nigeria’s biggest problem is not leadership. It’s the people who are from the country.

~~ Every nation gets the government it deserves.

Joseph de Maistre (1 April 1753–26 February 1821)

Let me explain: So back when I was between 19–20 years old, in the early 2000s, during that period I had long hair, like a big Afro and mostly in braids; I was a massive fan of natural African hairstyles, which made me love guys like NBA player and legend Allen Iverson and others who always wore all kinds of natural black hairstyles. At that time, I lived in Lagos, Nigeria, and natural-black hairstyles were not encouraged; they were looked down upon society-wide. It was perms, attachments, wigs, hair that looked straight…

One of the worse mistakes I have made in New York has been accepting and keeping a few friendships that I should never have. In particular, one comes to mind; let’s delve into a condensed version of the story.

In December of 2014, after a couple of years of working and living in New York, I wanted to change jobs to the sports marketing & branding field, which I had always wanted to do, and I had moved to New York to pursue.

I had an appointment to meet up with a friend; his name was Richard. At the time…

NYPD will look for you till you find yourself

So, Sunday before Labor Day 2020, my wife Jane and I decided to finally pay a long-postponed visit to a former work friend of hers who had given birth to a baby girl six months before.

The Lady, Uche, had become my wife’s friend from a pharmaceutical company she worked for back in 2018, and they had kept in touch.

Since then, Uche had conceived and had a baby. Then she had invited us to visit and meet her Husband, Jomo, and the baby. …

An experience of needing to file a complaint within the U.S Military… How much of a waste of time it can be

(Parts of this story have been altered for current security requirements. Hopefully, the full story can go into a possible upcoming book)

It concerns me; this is a narrative and chronicle of events I experienced within the Military. How I had to navigate and experience the military reporting process of Equal Employment Opportunity, discrimination, harassment, bullying, retribution, and a hostile work environment.

My name is Emeka Ifeji. I am a resident of Bronx, New York.

I am currently a member of the New York Army National Guard attached to the 369TH Sustainment Brigade (Harlem Hell fighters). At least till October…

I went to Trader Joe’s to shop for fresh vegetables and household groceries. In April, at the end of Spring 2020, right at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic in New York.

Since the store was practicing spacing and social distancing because of the Coronavirus situation, there were long and spaced outlines to get into the store.

I also happen to routinely have my allergies during this period, for which I have prescribed medication.

However, I am still prone to my usual occasional, and random sneezing fits form my allergies.

So while I am In the middle of the line…

On cheapness & thinking one can unnecessarily outsmart reality a lesson.

Lets Go…

A couple of years ago, not long after I had gotten married, Late September of that year we got married, my wife Jane and I moved to the neighboring state of New York, from Connecticut.

I had gotten a job at the end of the previous year in New York, we were expecting our first child at the time, and she was due in less than a month.

During the period I had been in this job most of the time, I had lived in West New…

A coin’s other side in this redefined personal relationships era…

Imagine me — tall, slender, chocolate dark brown on most of my physical features — hair, eyes, skin.

Imagine that I live in New York, where I had lived with my family for about five years.

Imagine along the line I had made friends who were all professional scientists, like my wife.

Imagine they are all from Spain or Spanish speaking territories. We(my wife and I) have our roots from western African.

Imagine that on weekends, especially on Sunday’s we always gather in a park and most times, play soccer an then hang out as a group.

Imagine that during…

Ifeji Chuka

I am a straight shooter. I always aim for the skies and the galaxies then wish for the best. Motto: keep on working and keeping it real.

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