I went to Trader Joe at the height of Coronavirus in New York for Grocery shopping

I went to Trader Joe’s to shop for fresh vegetables and household groceries. In April, at the end of Spring 2020, right at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic in New York.

Since the store was practicing spacing and social distancing because of the Coronavirus situation, there were long and spaced outlines to get into the store.

I also happen to routinely have my allergies during this period, for which I have prescribed medication.

However, I am still prone to my usual occasional, and random sneezing fits form my allergies.

So while I am In the middle of the line, I feel a fit sneeze fit building up.

Shoot, I am in line wearing just a mask made of cloth and plastic air filter, looking like I am in some apocalyptic movie.

I imagine how I would look if i sneezed with or without the mask.

I realized that sneezing with them on would be worse than sneezing without them on, but both would have the same consequences. The bottom line was sneezing outside, at the height of the Coronavirus as a whole in this current climate, is very problematic.

Hell, someone could call 911, a good chance they would, yes, this is 2020 America.

So, I am about two minutes away from getting into the store after almost an hour of waiting in line.

So, I proceed to hold on to letting out my barrage of sneezes for the next two minutes, and maybe it would subside until I get into the building. I was hoping to use a restroom toilet to take out my sneeze fit once in the building.

However, when I get in, my fit had subsided, and now I also wanted to meet an appointment at home and was now pressed for time, plus I only wanted to pick up three items, so I feel I could be out quickly

of the store. It would also have been challenging to rebuild tickling fit on command for my sneezing to come out

even if I went to a closed toilet.

I proceed to get most of what I required, and a few other items that tickled my fancy, and I felt like trying out.

While searching for the last item, my sneezing fit came back, and with double the force now.

I quickly circled, but the restroom seemed too far away.

Because of the spacing in the store, a few of the aisles were pretty much empty.

I jumped into one of the empty aisles and then proceeded to let out a barrage of much muzzled sneezes, which anyone who was twenty feet and beyond wouldn’t be able to hear.

When I looked up, I saw a white male late 20’s, store jacked, and name tag carrying a crate about 6–8 feet from me. He had been stocking the aisles. He was now in a defensive position, like he about to run and raise an alarm call.

I give him a look, and I push my cart towards his direction — “

As I passed him, I gave him a look like, “say a word, and you are gone.”

I was not about to get kicked out of the store for my regular flu

, especially since we needed to get groceries at home.

I get to the counter moving like I was on an assignment in Afghanistan, something i have had training on, but now it’s just about making it to my vehicle.

I make it to my vehicle after maneuvering out the store, looking and observing all directions.

Fun times for sure.

We sure are bound to have future stories to tell about COVID and 2020.



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Ifeji Chuka

I am a straight shooter. I always aim for the skies and the galaxies then wish for the best. Motto: keep on working and keeping it real.